“When I choose to enter into a relationship with someone, whether it’s a professional service or a personal friendship, it’s important to me that we can communicate and trust each other.

I realize that this doesn’t come instantly or easily. It is my commitment to you that I will work hard to build a mutually beneficial relationship grounded in integrity and devoted to your success.

I look forward to talking with you and planting the seed for a lasting relationship.”

Kristi Gelas

Principal Bookkeeper


We know our customers value their time. We hear over and over again how important it is to be able to focus on improving their business, but they also want to spend their downtime with family and friends instead of sorting through receipts.

Our customers come to Wildflower Bookkeeping because they realize they wear too many hats as a business owner and the DIY approach is just not working anymore. They didn’t originally venture out on their own so they could learn how to be a bookkeeper. More importantly, they were tired of the mad dash to get everything in order before taxes were due.

What we hear time and time again is they, “just want it all handled.”


Wildflower Bookkeeping was sprouted from the owner’s desire to get back to her roots to regain the coveted work-life balance. With a young family and a demanding career, Kristi started thinking about ways she could share her experience and love for business to others. Knowing that numbers are a key competency of hers, and likely not one many are fond of, bookkeeping was a natural fit. Wildflower Bookkeeping enables her to bring her budgeting, forecasting and financial analysis experience to the forefront.

After more than 20 years guiding large corporations to grow their profits and improve their administrative functions, Kristi decided it was time to branch out and advise small and mid-size businesses on how to do the same. She brings to the table a direct yet approachable perspective on tending your financial garden so you can focus on increasing your profits.

Wildflower is more than just a bookkeeping firm. We are trusted advisors who understand the demand your business requires. We alleviate day to day financial recording and reconciling, arming you with regular and timely financial statements so you can plan strategically and spend money wisely.

Our passion is your success. By integrating various cloud based applications we can streamline your administrative tasks and give you back your valuable time. Our tools and advice empower you to make informed decisions to improve efficiencies and grow your business.

Let us handle it!

To support service-based business owners in reaching their revenue targets by providing easy to understand insight to their financial data, sowing the seeds for increased profits.

A firm where well-being is a daily focus, where others come first, clients are valued, life is balanced, greatness is delivered, and profit is achieved.

Willing – We do the research to provide solutions to complex issues
Integrity – We do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do
Leadership – We work as though every business is our own, anticipating the needs of our clients
Dependable – We work as a team to meet deadlines and provide up to date information
Flexible – We accommodate when life gets in the way of business
Loyalty – We navigate the fields of your finances even when times are tough
Rapport – We collaborate to enhance financial practices ensuring success


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